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TLJ Info Tech is an information technology consulting firm that is delivering better solutions for information technology needs. In doing so, we offer a wide range of information technology and security services that will support whatever your organizational security needs may be.


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Core Services

IT Program Management, System Authorizations, System Testing & Evaluation, Security Risk Assessment, Auditing and Independent Verification & Validation.

Information technology Services

NetOps IA Support, Cyber Network Defense, Security Policy Development, Contingency Planning and Disaster Recover

IA Program Management

TLJ Info Tech managers are capable of leading the program from the feasibility phase, initiation, planning, and execution through the shutdown/turnover phase, all while ensuring implementation of and compliance with best practices.

our solutions

Value added solutions for our clients are a prime directive for TLJ Info Tech. Providing applicable services for information technology projects and resource challenges, we assist our clients with project management, information technology solutions, and the resources to overcome these obstacles. Choosing TLJ Info Tech as your information security partner will always increase the overall solution benefit to your organization.


Our client mission begins with strong corporate values, a commitment to excellence, and the ability and qualifications to support client requirements. When supporting our clients we consider a multitude of key factors to assess the best possible partnership for success.